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Tribes Ascend Hack Download 

Looking for the best Tribes Ascend Aimbot you can download it here for free, I offer this for
free for a very short period of time. I do this since I have just created this site. If you watch

Closely on my video below you will notice how good I am with the game though am not really a
hardcore gamer just a programmer I have created this aimbot and everything about on this site.
I will continue to create more bots in the future once the games are release, so keep visiting the
site. and have fun.

Watch how I play Tribes Ascend using my Hack


Tribes ascend

Xp Hack

Gold hack




The question right now why you have to choose my aimbot? The answer to that is simple

because my aimbot works well, but if you are doubtful you can always look to other site but
don’t blame me if your computer will be infected with virus and not only that other offer this
kind of aimbot with a particular price like 35 dollars or something but since am a giver I would
like to give this out to anyone who like to use Tribes Ascend Aimbot for free, yes you heard my
clearly for free.

If you choose to download our Tribes Ascend Aimbot ,what our bot can do:

1. Name Tags show names of all friendlies and enemies.
2. Health Tags show health of all friendlies and enemies.
3. Visual Tags shows an icon or frame around enemies.
4. Distance Tags show the distance to enemies.
5. Smart Bounding Boxes with Colors

For Distance: 1. Three varying distances to allow you to see the entire map.

For 2D Radar: 1. Reveals enemy positions.

For Misc:

1.Show FPS show your frame rate inside the game
2. Show Ping displays your ping on screen
3. Show Time display the current time in game
4. Enemy Aim Warnings to warn when your in danger

Tribes Ascend Aimbot – Download

To download Tribes Ascend Aimbot hit the download button. Few offers will popup,
please complete one and get Tribes Ascend Aimbot for free! It’s free, easy and takes only
few seconds to complete!


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